Alcohol Use

Disorder Treatment

Fighting Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) can be difficult, hurting your health, relationships, and quality of life. Though difficult, you don’t have to go it alone. AUD is a chronic, recurring brain disorder that prevents you from quitting drinking despite its detrimental effects. It can harm your health, relationships, and well-being. Well of Hope understands the intricacies of AUD and the need for professional support. Our comprehensive treatment tackles physical, psychological, and social components of AUD. We customize treatment regimens to match your requirements and goals.

Our professionals will provide you the skills, support, and direction to overcome AUD and live a better life. We’re here for you every step of the path to recovery or after a relapse.

Alcohol use Disorder Treatment plan

Well of Hope begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s physical and mental health, substance use history, and co-occurring illnesses. Our team uses this assessment to create a customized treatment plan for the client. Our purpose is to provide holistic care that addresses all elements of the client’s well-being and helps them heal permanently.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis is key to effective AUD therapy. Our skilled staff assesses alcohol use disorder (AUD) and co-occurring problems at Well of Hope. We are able to customize therapy plans to each client’s needs and obstacles, ensuring complete recovery.

Medical Evaluation

Our doctors will evaluate alcohol’s physical effects and co-occurring conditions. This comprehensive assessment includes medical history, physical exams, and laboratory tests to discover underlying health conditions that can influence treatment. With this knowledge, we can customize medical care to AUD’s immediate and long-term effects, encouraging healing and rehabilitation.

Psychological Assessment

We additionally look at the patient’s mental health and any underlying issues that may cause AUD. This examination helps us evaluate the client’s emotional and psychological wellness. Addressing these root causes allows us to deliver holistic care that aids client recovery.

Social Assessment

Complete therapy must include the patient’s support system and social environment. Our interdisciplinary team at Well of Hope uses evaluation data to tailor each patient’s treatment to their social surroundings, family dynamics, and community resources. By including the patient’s support system in the treatment plan, we can foster permanent change and recovery.

Treatment Options

We know that everyone’s alcohol use disorder experience is different. That’s why we customize treatment strategies for each patient. We treat the physical, emotional, and psychological elements of AUD with evidence-based treatments, medication-assisted therapy (if needed), and holistic methods. We customize Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment to each patient’s requirements and goals.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Our professionals collaborate with each patient to create a customized treatment strategy based on their medical history, AUD severity, and recovery objectives. They also converge unique needs according to health conditions.

Therapy Options

CBT, motivational interviewing, and group treatment are available. These therapies assist AUD sufferers in understanding their condition, learning coping strategies, and forming a support network.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

To treat cravings and withdrawal, medication may be provided. Our doctors regularly evaluate drug efficacy and alter them as needed to provide each patient the greatest outcome.

Steps in therapy

At Well of Hope, we have many different types of therapy that can help people with alcohol use disorder (AUD) get clean and stay clean for good. We customize Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment to each person’s requirements and offer individual, group, family, and holistic approaches.

  • Individual treatment allows individuals to investigate their AUD’s root causes in a confidential setting. Our skilled therapists employ CBT and motivational interviewing to help clients cope and overcome negative thought patterns.
  • Group therapy provides a supportive setting for people with comparable issues. Group therapy sessions led by qualified therapists foster community, learning, and skill practice.
  • AUD can affect family relationships. Families participate in family therapy to enhance communication, resolve disputes, and establish ties.

Our Holistic Approach

In addition to traditional therapies, we believe in holistic AUD therapy that treats mind, body, and soul. We provide holistic services:

  • Meditation and yoga can reduce cravings tension, and promote well-being.
  • AUD rehabilitation requires good nutrition. Our nutrition counselors help clients build appropriate eating habits for physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Regular exercise can improve mental health and minimize relapse. We adapt exercise programs to clients’ fitness levels and interests.
  • Our comprehensive approach encourages customers to adopt healthy lifestyle adjustments to aid healing.

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) recovery requires lifelong assistance. Well of Hope understands the need of aftercare for sobriety and relapse prevention. We provide ongoing assistance and resources to help patients transition to life after treatment.

After rehab, individuals need support. Aftercare programs help people rehabilitate with therapy, support groups, and education.Well of Hope can help you or a loved one with alcohol use disorder treatment (AUD) discover more about our treatment programs or make an appointment. Our kind staff will help you heal. Contact Well of Hope now to start a healthy, alcohol-free life. 

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